Recommended Reading

Recommended Articles:

The Meaning of Mikveh

Love, Marriage and Mikveh

The Intimate Road

Recommended Books:

Total Immersion: A Mikvah Anthology

by Rivkah Slonim

A collection of 50 essays and stories about the philosophical, psychological, mystical, legal, practical, historical, and personal views on the mikveh and family purity.

Waters Of Eden: The Mystery of the Mikveh

by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan

This book describes the historical myths of and prejudices against the mikveh. It also discusses the philosophy of the mikveh.

A Hedge of Roses

by Norman Lamm

Insightful perspectives on Jewish family purity as it relates to marital life.

The Secret of Jewish Femininity

by Tehilla Abramov

Another book about family purity, unique in created for a woman by a woman.

The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage

by Rabbi Maurice Lamm

A book emphasizing the importance and influence of marriage in Jewish and secular life. The author also discusses the symbolic meaning of the wedding ceremony. Issues and laws in Jewish values are also touched upon in groundbreaking ways.

To Be A Jewish Woman

by Dr. Lis Aiken

For any woman who seeks a bigger picture of marriage for a Jewish woman.